'Cohen probeert Haags wisselgeld binnen te slepen’

Amsterdam legt het lot van zijn coffeeshops in handen van Den Haag. ‘Onverstandig’, zegt de Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten. ‘En bovendien gevaarlijk opportunistisch’, vindt de coffeeshopbranche.

AMSTERDAM, 14 jan. Job Cohen kan niet anders. Het kabinet wil 43 van de in totaal 228 Amsterdamse coffeeshops sluiten omdat ze op minder dan 250 meter van een middelbare school liggen. Liever zou de Amsterdamse burgemeester de maatregel niet uitvoeren, maar het is nu eenmaal rijksbeleid, en daar kan hij niet onderuit. Maar stelt Amsterdam zich niet te dociel op?

De Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG) vindt van wel. ‘De gemeenten moeten zelf kunnen beslissen welke criteria ze hanteren’, zegt VNG-woordvoerder Arjen Konijnenberg. ‘Het is onmogelijk om één uniforme regel van bovenaf op te leggen. Amsterdam is niet Nijmegen, waar maar 14 coffeeshops zijn. Met meer dan tweehonderd coffeeshops binnen een relatief klein gebied is er altijd wel een coffeeshop in de buurt van een school.’

De VNG pleit voor op maat gesneden afspraken op lokaal niveau. Gemeenten kunnen bijvoorbeeld met coffeeshops afspreken dat ze alleen in de avonduren open gaan, als de scholen gesloten zijn. Ook moet iedere stad zelf de minimale afstand kunnen bepalen tussen coffeeshops en middelbare scholen. In Den Haag is deze afstand nu bijvoorbeeld vastgesteld op 500 meter, in Rotterdam op 250 meter en in Groningen op 100 meter.

Amsterdam staat sterker dan het zich voordoet, vindt Michael Veling, oud-CDA-lijsttrekker in stadsdeel Centrum en houder van één van de met sluiting bedreigde coffeeshops. ‘Cohen doet net alsof het om een oekaze vanuit Den Haag gaat, maar dat is het niet.’ Veling diende net als tenminste 25 andere coffeeshophouders een zienswijze in tegen het plan van de gemeente om de 43 coffeeshops te sluiten. Daarin riep hij het college van burgemeester en wethouders op af te zien van de maatregel omdat ‘de vaststelling van het lokale coffeeshopbeleid een bevoegdheid van de Raad is’. Veling verwees daarbij naar het College van procureurs-generaal, het bestuur van het Openbaar Ministerie, dat er tot nu toe steeds vanaf heeft gezien om de door het kabinet gewenste maatregel op te nemen in het landelijke opsporingsbeleid. Het terugdringen van coffeeshops in de buurt van scholen was ook al een van de speerpunten van het kabinet-Balkenende I.

Volgens Veling speelt Cohen politiek dubbelspel. ‘Cohen probeert Haags wisselgeld binnen te slepen. Amsterdam verwacht de komende jaren in grote problemen te komen door financiële projecten als de Noord-Zuidlijn. Daarom wil het college nu een wit voetje halen bij het kabinet.’

‘Cohens dubbelspel is gevaarlijk’, waarschuwt Marc Jacobsen, voorzitter van de Bond van Cannabis Detaillisten. Als Amsterdam de sluitingsplannen doorzet, dan zal de markt voor softdrugs steeds meer het domein worden van straatdealers en drugskoeriers. ‘Het plantje zal nooit verdwijnen, mensen weten er toch wel aan te komen.’ De VNG deelt die vrees: ‘Het is een utopie om te denken dat je softdrugs kunt stoppen. Een gereguleerde verkoop is beter dan dat cannabis in de illegaliteit verdwijnt.”
Jacobsen weet wel wat dat voor gevolgen zal hebben. “Als de gemeente de coffeeshops in de binnenstad sluit, dan kunnen ze beter vast Roemeens, Pools en Bulgaars gaan leren. Want die gaan dan de dienst uitmaken hier op straat.”

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  1. My name is Giuseppe Calvo, I`m Italian, I have been living in Holland a few months.
    I have a degree in psychology, I`m a researcher for the Department of Psychology, at the University of Palermo.
    My discovery about the effects of extasy in the occipital cortex of the brain has been published in the journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.
    This is the url of the presentation of my discovery http://jnnp.bmj.com/cgi/content/abstract/74/8/1136
    At the moment, I`m about to finish a book on marijuana from a clinical and medical point of view, and its cultural, ethnic,religious and social aspects.

    The Dutch have always lived in an environment of freedom and open-mindness; everyone has always been free to choose its own
    lifestyle and to exploit its body and soul.
    Recently, the government is concerned about the health of its young people, and the red light windows
    moralistics message is: “buy dress and not girls”.This has destroyed the harmony of this particular place.
    I`m Italian, and I’m aware of the dangerous consequences of Christianity.
    We have the Vatican in Italy;here intolerance and prohibitionism reigns supreme.
    The DC (Christian Democrats) with Craxi and Andreotti destroyed the italian economy in few years.
    If the tradition of the coffee shop is destroyed, and the center of Amsterdam is transformed in an “unhappy Venice”,
    the streets of this country will be full of delinquents who sell bad quality drugs, prostitutes and pimps bringing disorder and disturbance.
    I think Holland will have to re-open the old prison and also start to build new ones.
    Holland has always been an excellent example for the whole world; this country has demonstrated that intolerance and prohibitionism
    correspond to crime and poverty.

    Unfortunately, the truth is that the Christians are suffering psychological problems: moralism, pharisaism, ecc; for these people moralism is more important than social health.
    The mandate is not for those who suffer psychological problems; a responsible government should not be conditioned by religion. Christianity was born, to live and to die in the family and in the church.
    Government and religion have to be separated.
    They are two different dimensions, but if these two dimensions are united,it will mean troubles;
    how we have seen in Italy, and how we are witnessing regretfully in Holland.
    Power in the hands of peoples that have pathology can only consent to transmit the pathology to the society.
    My English is not so good, my book is almost 200 pages, and it is not easy to convey my ideas when dealing with a vast and articulated work.
    If someone is willing to consider the possibly to analyze my work and to publish my book, I will look for a translator and have it translated into English or Dutch.

    Why is marijuana illegal?
    Marijuana is illegal almost everywhere because this plant properly processed can replace crude oil(petrolium/gasoline)
    Proof of it is that, in 1939 Henry Ford was able to produce the famous “Ford-T”.
    This particular car was built almost entirely by using hemp fiber; not burning gasoline, but marijuana oil!
    Zero pollution, low cost, high quality.
    Around 1915 the great American industrial groups all pointed to the exploitation of oil for energy (fuel) and for artificial fibers (clothing).
    Who would have choosen the expensive, smelling and polluting petroleum in the face of the possibility of a resource ecologically,
    cheap and scented?
    Another bitter enemy of marijuana was William Randolph Hears, publisher, owner of vast forest areas used to produce cellulose
    and paper goods, as well as the sole supplier of paper for daily newspapers.
    The hemp plant ages in a single season, and each hectare of farmland in hemp provides eight times the amount of wood pulp derived from forest trees of the same size.
    One of the problems at the time was deforestation, so the government was studying a plan to overcome it, and saw hemp as a primary source of cellulose.
    It was necessary to destroy this plant, otherwise, for the great American industrial groups was the end.
    It was necessary to remove this plant not only for the common good, the houses and gardens, but especially for the culture and the minds of all peoples.
    Why remove a plant so innocuous, useful and profitable, which had accompanied and encouraged the evolution of our species on this planet for about 12,000 years?
    It was a resource so vital that even at those times in some American states it was illegal not to grow hemp.
    The Minister of the department of the FBI drug departement was Harry J. Anslinger, ultraconservative, bigoted and racist.
    Anslinger was the grandson of Mellon, a oil banker who had financed the company Dupont.

    HOW did marijuana become illegal? Here are some example.

    1) Playing with the little knowledge of the people about drugs.
    Until then, marijuana was called Indian hemp. The name of Indian hemp was changed to “marijuana”, a term not casually borrowed from the jargon of Sonora.
    Sonora is a Mexican town famous today as yesterday for the production and exportise of hard drugs.
    This association Sonora = dangerous drugs came almost spontaneously.

    2) Playing with the psychology of the peoples,imbued with ignorance, deafness and mental distortion typical of the Christian religion.
    First Anslinger attracted the support of the church, by saying that marijuana is the weed of the devil.
    The church and its followers immediately agreed; to smoke marijuana was not only immoral but also harmful and unhealthy.
    Christianity is a close-minded religion, violent and prohibitionist in nature, and Anslinger knew it:
    it was the best way for car lies and mind closures. An anti- marijuana campaign started with films, commercial ads, newspaper articles that said:
    “marijuana is a dangerous drug” responsible for brutal crimes.
    Many television broadcasts cited it as “madness” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM_vLk1I6G)
    In 1939, year of the “Ford-t”, was proclaimed “the marijuana tax act”.
    All marijuana plantations were destroyed and all medical research interrupted.
    This way,it was possible to impose the only energy source available: oil.
    With the enormous profits coming from oil, America armed itself, builded terrible weapons of mass destruction,
    the nuclear bomb that will consent America to have a decisive role in World War II.
    Hence the possibility of imposing oil as primary energy source worldwide, and to disseminate their own laws and rotten ideals in nearly all the world.
    The american dream is achieved: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
    God bless America.

    About the Christian religion.

    Christianity says to be humble and respectful; but it criticizes and prohibits all: prostitution, drugs, sex, enjoyment.
    For Christians all that is natural and can produce joy is a problem.
    Sex is natural,it is written in the human DNA, but for Christians it is a problem.
    Also drugs consumption is a normal human characteristic, and also of primitive animals.

    [Example of animal abuse:
    The beetle gets a nutrient from the antenna of the ants by offering them in exchange a secretion produced by the yellow
    hair of his abdomen. This secretion inebriated ants, whose gait is slow and hesitant (R. Chauvin. 1994).
    Another example has been described by Siegel, who noted that cats react to the smell of valerian with obvious
    signs of sexual arousal. This is due to the presence of n-valeric acid, and isovalerate (in plant valerian) in
    secretions of sexual cat (Siegel RK 1984).
    Birds, elephants and baboons prefer to consume fermented fruit, which induces their blatant signs
    of intoxication (Siegel, Brodie 1984).]

    Christianity has created crusades, violence, war, witch burned alive, tortures, all kinds prohibitions and a false moralism that infected almost everywhere and took the form of a mass psychological disorder.
    In Milano there is a museum of christian instruments of torture!!! It is terrible!!!
    They have always talked about the “good”, but have always done the opposite.
    It is easy to preach love, goodness and peace but practice dictatorship, intolerance inquisition and prohibitionism.
    Just open a history book and you see that they are the same evil who say they want to fight.
    In the case of marijuana, forcing someone to do or not to do something is pure violence.
    Prohibitionism is violence, especially if unnecessary.
    In effect, they want to end tolerance about soft drug by saying that society needs it;
    this is not true, because survey shows that about 60-70% of dutch want tolerance.
    They want to impose this, circumvented all.
    If they want to change something about coffee shops, why not a referendum? Only because they know they would loose!!
    History teaches us that Christianity is based on violence.
    Human beings, rather than its own reality and its neighbor’s happiness, unconsciously realizes that their own reality is
    made up of suffering, sadomasochism, violence, abuses and atrocities.
    The Christian doctrine, leaving normal pleasures of life at the time of Heaven (which comes after death) become gigantic
    and exalt our worst characteristics in this life.
    If this government CDA will be elected again marijuana will be persecuted until all coffee shops are closed.
    The witch hunt is not over, crusades and inquisition are not finished, only objectives have changed.
    In their sights now there`s marijuana, sex, enjoy and open-mindedness, no more witches.
    Unfortunately, the culture wants Jesus who took a cup full of wine, and said: “take this, and intoxicate yourself”.
    For this the christians are on an alcoholic movement.
    Alcool is a hard drug (may cause dependency, overdose, delirium tremens and death); marijuana is a soft and sure drug,
    noone has died from this plant. Cristians know this, and for this reason they want to abolish the difference between
    hard and soft drugs.
    This religion has been invented by great philosophers, certainly strong alcohol drinkers.

    My book deals with these topics from a large point of view: medical, clinical, psychological and socio-cultural very complete and complex.
    About the effects of marijuana on the brain and in the body, in addition to my work, I recommend reading also the work “the marijuana revalutated” of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, esteemed luminary of American psychiatry.
    This work describes in detail that clinically tested the marijuana is not harmful, is only a healing plant!

    We are all victims of a religious and socio-cultural swindler.
    I have tracked and analyzed all psychological processes that have been used to make marijuana illegal,according to Christianity, generating injury and intollerance.
    I have analyzed and studied the instinctual components that enabled and keep alive now the Christian religion, and have calculated and demonstrated all through processes of Boolean algebra and logic.

    I hope my book is of interests and I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.
    Hoping to here from you soon, please accept my sincere thanks.

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